Civil War era harp question

Hi all,

A friend of mine forwarded this question to me (actually two 
questions) and I thought you kind list folks could help me out. I 
think I've got some answers to the first question , but I'm far from 
an expert!

Question 1:

Would a harmonica circa the Civil War look about the same as one now ?

(My own thoughts were that certainly from afar it might look the 
same, but that some of the material might be different. In that 
regard during trhe Civil War era there were no plastic combs I 
imagine nor were there any Titanium parts available *smile*. OTOH, 
wooden combes would be around, though not sure what metal was used in 
the reeds, or even if it was metal!)

Question 2:

Would there have been songs more popular among a solitary soldier 
sitting by the campfire to play on the harmonica, as opposed to a 
song that he would have left to a brass band or piper ?

(on this one I'm totally cluelesss!!!!).

Thanks in advance for your help,

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  achievement and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin


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