Re: Harp-L to Charge Fees

Bobbie Giordano posted a comprehensive and helpful post to list regarding 
the use of HTML,  signatures, attachments and security warnings.  She 
mentioned bandwidth and the fact that this COSTS MONEY.

SPAH sponsors this list.  We do so willingly because we want to see free, 
unfettered discussion about the harmonica, the exchange of ideas, the 
meeting of minds.  The results of this and some other lists has been the 
tremendous growth of knowledge about our instrument... it has widened the 
scope of what we can do, has opened people's eyes in other musical genres 
etc.  Possibly more important  it has generated friendships and 
understanding in a global sense.   We have people on Harp-L from all over 
the world.    If one wants to be starry eyed then you could hope that this 
sort of friendship and understanding could, in some small way help the 
concept of world peace.

Be that as it may... the hard fact is that money is money and Harp-L 
costs.  SPAH has many priorities and if Harp-L becomes too expensive we may 
be forced to withdraw sponsorship, expense comes from bandwidth, bandwidth 
comes from all the things Bobbie mentioned.
PLEASE heed the warnings and DON'T use HTML, attachments, large signatures, 

Let Harp-L be what her sig says...   HARP SPOKEN HERE

Douglas Tate
President SPAH

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