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Allowing ANY form of binaries on a list is a guaranteed way to make sure we
all get viruses.  It's just plain stupid.  They also waste valuable archive
space (25k is maybe a dozen VALUABLE text posts).  Also, the standard for
lists is text only.  Not everyone can handle graphics.  Many of us have our
mailers set to reject binaries.

Another thing to consider is that the USA is unique in having the "local
call".  Go to Europe, etc., and you pay for ALL calls.  This of course means
that internet service is charged for by the byte, and your cute little
cartoon costs our members who are often the least able to afford it.

There is absolutely no reason to use html here, nor to post pictures and
such.  If you MUST have a picture, post the URL and let US make the choice
of viewing it.

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> While I do see the problem with downloading *large* emails (my connection
is possibly one of the slowest on the list) I did think the Dilbert strip
was funny - and not at all large.  It encoded at about 25 kb.
> On a 36 kb modem it should only take about 6-10 seconds to download, if
people can't or don't know how to view attachments that is a whole other
issue.  GIF encoding has been a network standard since Compuserve's heyday
in the mid-80's.
> Maybe we need an official ruling from the powers-that-be: are attachments
> HTML is another issue as well, some people do not use HTML-compliant mail
readers and cannot (easily) comprehend such messages.  Again, a ruling is in
> A mailserver can (usually) be configured to block attachments and block or
strip HTML, by the way.
> It is dependant on the system in use.
> Lonesome Dave
> Harp Man by night
> (Computer Network Engineer by day...)
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