Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

My Victoria Bassman sounds incredible with the reissue Jensen P10Rs.  It's 
by far and away the best amp I've ever played or heard.  Does it sound 
exactly the same as an original?  Not quite, but then it doesn't have 40+ 
year old original speakers.  But, then again, I happen to prefer the sound 
I'm getting with the Vic.  The amp is positively vibrant and huge sounding.  
I suspect the new speakers are part of it.

It's all subjective.  I don't see things as better or worse, just different. 
  The Vic gives me a slightly different, but just as enormous and bad as* 
sound as an original.

I heard Mark Hummel's original Fender and new Victoria Bassmans side by side 
the other night and couldn't hear much difference.  He thinks the Vicoria is 
the best new amplifier made, but likes his original more.


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