Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

Hi Boogie,

As long as you have 2x10" speakers that can handle the power (20W plus, 
each), yes it's perfectly feasible to run a 45W amp into 2x10's. I used to 
have a Bandmaster Reverb (45W) that I ran into a 2x10 cab that had a great 
tone (could put many a Bassman to shame). Fender's Custom Shop Vibrolux and 
Vibroverb re-issue are both 40W into 2x10 and I know of harp players that use 
both to great effect.

All things being equal, 4x10's will give a tighter punchier sound and will 
feel physically bigger as they are pushing twice the air of 2x10's. The 
2x10's will be more compressed, maybe fatter sounding with more speaker 
distortion as they're obviously being worked twice as hard.

As regards volume, there's probably little to choose though the 4x10 may be 
easier to hear on stage. 10's are very directional and unless you have your 
ears right in front of your 2x10 cab you might not appreciate just how loud 
it is.

Both Kendrick (model 2210) and Holland (Westside 35) amps both make a version 
of the Bassman with 2x10's. Victoria also make a 35W 2x10 version of a 50's 
Fender Super, which has a similar circuit to the pre-'59 Bassman.

Kind regards, Mark.

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