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> MN is right, it may be the same circuit (although it's not as the blurb 
> states "voiced for guitar") it can't really be compared to the '59 as the 
> main feature of the '59 BM (in fact '56 onwards) was the 4x10 speaker 
> configuration and 2x 6L6's. The same circuit was used on amps other than 
> the BM, the '59 Twin has the exact same same circuit as  do early Marshall 
> amps and PA's. If you take all the master circuits, reverb etc off of the 
> Blues Deluxe, Blues De Ville you are essentially left with a re-voiced 
> Bassman circuit - these amps don't sound like a Bassman. The "Bassman" 
> circuit was in fact licenced to Fender by Western Electric. 
> So if you're trying to nail the tone of the '59 Bassman you should be 
> looking at 4x10's, American sounding if not American made.

One correction: the Fender Custom Shop '59 does have the 2 x 6L6.  Also, 3 x 
12AX7 and either a 5AR4 or a 5U4GB rectifier tube.  What if that same amp had 
two 10's in it instead of two 12's?   What would it hurt to lose the two 
extra 10's.  Do you really need them?  Does a harp player utilize all of his 
capacities in that regards?  It is possible to play 45 watts through two 10" 
speakers and be loud.  As far as the same circuit being used on the Twin, 
Deluxe and DeVille, you are way ahead of me there.
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