Re: Dilbert Harp Content

Hi Guys,

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, bassharp wrote:

> As most of us know, HTML, Rich Text, and Attachments are incompatible
> with Harp-L, and really extend the bandwidth to huge proportions. AND -
> it is needlessly preserved in the archives as well.

Thanks! Not everyone uses a graphical e-mail client, and HTML takes up 
needless bandwidth.
> Regarding the Dilbert attachment, or any such, why not send them to me
> to be added to the Harptoons page for all to see? That way they can be
> preserved, and always available. Check it out at:

Sorry to be a 'wet blanket,' but Scott Adams might take a dim view of 
the adding of 'Dilbert' to the Harptoons page without payment:


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