Bassman Speaker Stuff

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Thanks to MN for pointing out that the custom shop amp is a 2x12. When I
read the early posts talking about Celestion 30's I thought it sounded like
something you'd stick in a Marshall cab (normal Celestion territory!) but
didn't want to betray my ignorance...
In all this talk of Celestion's vs Jensens I thought it was odd that nobody
mentioned Weber speakers. A lot of people prefer these speakers and in fact
they're the preferred speakers of amp builders like Clark who many
guitarists believe build better versions of Fender Tweeds than even
Victoria. Check out the FDP for comments from guys who have owned both
Vicky's and Clarks.
These speakers are also used by custom builder Retrosound in Australia, but
since we're so far away I guess there's no point mentioning these awesome
Oh that reminds me - the Pyle speakers in the SJ amps were custom made by

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