Re: Natural / Harmonic Minor / Hohner Orchester

As a boy, the very first harp I received was an
Orchester II. I truly loved it, but it "disappeared"
very soon afterward, fortunately it was replaced a few
weeks later by my Grandfather, accompanied with a
stern warning to my parents. (That's another story,
one that doesn't exactly make me proud of my
ancestry). (Much)more than 40 years later, I still
have that harp.

It's an single-cell Octave C-Major. I don't really
know where it originated. The box - yes, still have
that also - is all in German. At the time, according
to the marks, it cost almost 6 Guilders. (About a
month's rent on the apartment!)

A year later I received my second harp, an Orchester
I. C-Minor. A lot more expensive, 12.75 Guilders.
Still have that one also. 

Talk about being a pack-rat!


- --- funharp@xxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Ron and Michael,
> Ron/datadigr wrote:
> > >From an old email from John Thaden:
> > 
> > > The ones I had here in the US in the 70's-80's
> were not numbered as you
> > > describe.  The I was standard Richter tuned
> (major), the II was minor
> > > (moll).  Both were single reed, not octaves.  I
> never saw the ovtave or
> > > double-octave versions.
> Michael Peloquin wrote:
> > MP> The Hohner Orchestra I was a HARMONIC MINOR.
> The Hohner Orchester I (diatonic) was available in
> all 12 major keys AND
> in all 12 harmonic minor keys.
> John Thaden's mail like quoted above was in reply to
> a mail that I did
> send to harp-l in March 2000. Obviously the
> Orchesters sold in the US
> were numbered different than in Germany. Here the
> Orchester II was
> octave tuned and there were also an Orchester III
> that was double octave
> tuned, both available in 7 major keys
> (C,D,E,F,G,A,Bb), but not in any
> minor key. 
> I have some of each kind.
> See the recent thread about "handmade" vs. "classic"
> and you know that
> it seems to be not unusual that Hohner likes to
> confuse with different
> names for different countries.
> Otto
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