Re: Why do LO's last longer than MB's?

Blunt White wrote:
>I have noticed that LO's hold up better too. Perhaps because LO reeds are 
>shorter and wider than MB/SP20 reeds, they also appear to be more robust... 

Well, the lower LO reeds are slightly wider than the lower reed on a
Hohner Classic/HM plate. However the upper reeds are slightly
narrower. LO reeds do tend to be a shad shorter, but not by much. The
lowest reed on a LO long slot plate is only about half a millimetre
shorter than the corresponding reed on a Hohner Classic/HM.  However,
the lower reeds on LO short slot plates (used on key of Db and above)
are actually longer than those on Hohner short slot plates, so "LO's
use shorter wider reeds" is not a very accurate statement.


Same again - some LO reeds are thicker than the corresponding Hohner
reeds, others are thinner, some are about the same...

>They are certainly stiffer. One can notice the difference 
>immediately when gapping.

I don't have the means to measure this objectively, but they do feel a
little different when you are working on them, I will agree.

There are several likely reasons for the longevity of Tombo/Lee Oskar
reeds. The biggest factor is the alloy used, but other factors include
a less destructive tuning method and a less drastic change in profile
between the tongue of the reed and the heel when compared with other
brands of reeds.

>Another interesting factoid, it appears to me that the volume of the 
>comb/air chamber in relation to the size of the reed opening is much larger 
>in a LO than in a MB/SP20.

Yes - that was a deliberate part of the design.

>I think LO makes a fine harp, but I don't like the equal tuning.

Then there may be some good news for you in the near future. That's
about all I can say right now...

 -- Pat.

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