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> Subject: Re: I got mine
> I wanna TESTIFY!
> Hey, I started this round of the "out-o-the-box" discussion a few days ago.
> One of the Harp-L folks that responded with an opinion was Harmonica John
> Fraser (www.harmonicajohn.com) - many of y'all probably already know him.
> - -In fact, since we're "homies", HJ invited me over to see / play his
> Weltmeister Thunderbird & just generally shoot the - er, breeze.
> Well, I didn't play it (I'm kinda funny about sharin' harps), but I HEARD
> it. That T-bird sounds real good. But in fairness, I want you all to know
> (that haven't met / heard HJ) that he can PLAY! -I think he'd have made a
> Bluesband wail.
> He's also a VERY nice guy - he shared a lot of info with me, showed me
> techniques that I'll be goin' to the woodshed for -well, a long time - to
> grasp. We played thru a bunch of his Mics, and a couple of his amps. And
> sold me a CD.
> John's also got a BUNCH of cool harp mics for those of you that are lookin'
> for a good deal on a nice sounding mic.
> Give a shout out to Harmonica John, he's a good guy.

I was so happy to find another harp-ler in San Diego that I invited Dane
over by phone as soon as I read his post. He came over a couple hours later.
The timing was good, since I had time to fix my wife breakfast beforehand,
and time to load up for my gig afterwards.

I want to clarify that I don't really have a "bunch of his mics" if you are
thinking of the one that Vince mentioned. I have a selection of mics, some
have more gain than others, some crystal, some CR, some dynamic. I have a
small selection that are available for sale at $100 each. Once I establish
an ebay account, there will be pictures, but if you want to take a chance on
one before that, send me a PM.

Thanks for coming over, Dane, and for the very kind words. You are a prince.

- -- 

Watch out! He has some kind of an instrument that lets out a death sound!
Harmonica John Frazer  PO Box 740613  San Diego, CA 92174 ph.(619)263-6826


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