Dr. Hank Bahnson

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I had the pleasure of spending time with Hank, as that's what he'd want =
you to call him.  He was one of the leading heart surgeons in the =
country, climbed in the Himalayas in his 70's, had just the biggest =
heart imaginable, and loved the harmonica and it's community with all =
his heart.

If you've seen the films of Howard Levy vocal chords overblowing, that's =
Hank's work.  If you've played the Bahnson Overblow harp, that's Hank's =
work.  If you've read a post by TurboDog, or met TurboDog, or =
corresponded with TurboDog, that's a result of Hank's love and passion =
for the harmonica as well . . .=20

He will be missed.

Regards-Paul Messinger/Chapel Hill NC

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