Re: Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

Boogie (and others) wrote:
"... Fender puts the Celestion Vintage 30 in the custom shop '59 Bassman 


As far as I can tell by their web site, Fender DOESN'T MAKE a "custom shop 
'59 Bassman." They do make a "Bassbreaker" that looks quite like the tweed 
Bassman, but it has two 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. With all the 
opinions flying around (which, by the way, are like ... well, you know - 
everyone's got one), I think we can at least agree that two 12" speakers are 
not going to perform exactly like four 10" speakers. Apples and oranges.
Just an incidental reminder: Back in '99, David Barrett, host of the 
Harmonica Masterclass, held a big amp comparison. The '59 RI Bassman held 
its own in the large class against all kinds of vintage and boutique combos 
including Rod Piazza's Harp King, the Sonny Jr. I and II, and a 1965 
Vibrolux. At the test, judges thought this amp sounded the best from the 
entire group but felt that it needed to be turned up. Barrett later wrote: 
"If cash is a factor (when isn't it?) the Bassman was in the top three and a 
GREAT amp." Don't let the hyperbole floating around make you think the 
re-issue is a "bad" amp - it's not. Of course it's not a Victoria or an 
actual 1959 Bassman but it's way more affordable too.

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