Gus Needs Help Again!

Hello again !

It has been a long time since I've had time to post on Harp-L
as I've been in jail again for disturbing the peace again.  What a bum rap!
But Mom wouldn't bail me out or get me a lawyer, so I gotta do the time.

Well every cloud has a sliver in its lining, and opportunity knocked down
my door, giving me the chance to brush up on my harmonica techniques
and repetwoir.

I'm only allowed to have a Lil Lady Hohner harp in my jail cell, because
anything bigger was declared a potential weapon.  They took the neck
chain off of it (also a potential weapon), so if I swaller this teeny harp
I can no longer pull it back out, but instead have to wait a day or two
to retrieve it.  I sure miss that little harp for those couple of days!

My jail 'buddy' likes to listen to really weird music like "Funiculi - 
" Ol Sole Mio", and "Volare".  I can barely understand one word of
this gibberish, but the songs do sound sort of cool, and I know I can
jam with any and all music.  My jail 'buddy', who loves singing along,
really enjoys watching me prance, jump and wiggle, and jam along, and
if I make him happy, he leaves me alone for awhile.

So to really please him, it would help if I could play most of the right 

Anyone got any harp tabs for these songs, played on a Lil Lady ?

I've been practicing my power bends and super over blows, so I know
I can get squawk out any note on this little harp!   I may need to
replace the reed plates as they are getting gunked up with lots of crap
that just won't blow free of the reeds.

Well, I gotta go... my jail 'buddy' has that look in his eye again! (help!)

Your harmonica friend,

Gus Harper

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