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<< Another possible question is whether "perfect pitch"
 is necessary. Is being able to differentiate 440 from
 442 more important than being able to recognize a
 disharmony with your playing partners? >>

i have become surprised at what you can learn to pick-up.  at a band practice 
a couple of weeks ago, i played a melodic type solo, and i kept thinking, 
"man, we sound out."  the guitar player checked and said, "no, i'm in."  the 
next day, different key, same thing.  
now, i tune all my own harps, and while it wouldn't surprise me if one reed 
was flat on one of my harps, i knew i couldn't have completely mistuned two 
harps.  so i asked to see his tuner to check my tuning, and the guy had his 
tuner set to 445!  he's like, "aww, man, i never read those instructions they 
give you."  he retuned, and it sounded great.  
i was just very surprised that i could hear that sort of difference.

ted, i hope you get real well real soon.  that's crappy stuff to deal with...
take care
stevenj...the gator-man

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