Re: Boss Harmonica: The Life of Little Walter (Boston Phoenix, book review)

rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<< I think the author of the review "Boss harmonica: The life of Little 
 was a little too hard on the book, and has probably unrealistic
  I think the book is better than the review. >>

i enjoyed the book, but i didn't find this review to be totally inaccurate.  
it was rather dryly written, and i would say that what made the book 
interesting (to me) was the subject matter.
this became very obvious to me the day after i finished this book, and 
started reading robert gordon's muddy bio, "can't be satisfied," which 
grabbed me by the figurative collar from the forward and never let 
go...gordon is just a very evocative writer.  of course, he's also helped by 
his subject, in that muddy's life was better documented in some aspects, he 
outlived walter by fifteen years, and he had a much higher profile in general 
then walter.
none of this is to take away from the book that was written...i certainly 
enjoyed it.

stevenj...the gator-man

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