Re: Suzuki (and more)

Hallo Björn,

Björn Giesler schrieb:
> I've never liked wooden combs, since they rip up my lips. 

Did you ever try a harp with a sealed wooden comb? It doesn't swell and
is much smoother to your lips and tongue. Tony Ramos in München is a
customizer who knows what to do to make very good harps...

> I keep coming back to the Meisterklasse. I think they're the nicest to play,
> and I like the heavy feel. Never tried Promasters, though, since they're
> tough to get in Germany -- Hohner has a monopoly here. Are they much better
> than the Meisterklasse? If so, does anybody from Germany know where to get
> them?

I don't know if the Promaster is "much better" than the MK. Maybe the
harp that I like the best could be the one that you hate the most. Each
player has its own favorites.
Best you try the Promaster by yourself and I'd like to suggest that you
also try the Seydel Favorit (aka Weltmeister Thunderbird, aka
Bushmaster) another metal comb harp (I think a quite good one).

Good news: the Suzuki harmonicas are really easy to get in Germany,
please contact me offlist and I can tell you where. 


PS: there is also a a german language group with 200 members called
"harpchat"... ;-)

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