Re: BS


On Monday 13 January 2003 05:37, noblt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Do we have to live with this ,I cant read it and I dont believe
> anyone else.

I believe that 16K of GIF are innocent enough, even though it's bad style to 
post binaries on non-binary mailing lists. The mail was standard 
MIME-encoded. I find it strange that your Netscape can't display it; check 
your email display settings.

ObHarpContent: To the "Out of the box" thread, I'd like to contribute that 
I've tried several plastic- (Bushman, LO, S20) and wood-combed harps. I've 
never liked wooden combs, since they rip up my lips. Plastic is OK. But I 
keep coming back to the Meisterklasse. I think they're the nicest to play, 
and I like the heavy feel. Never tried Promasters, though, since they're 
tough to get in Germany -- Hohner has a monopoly here. Are they much better 
than the Meisterklasse? If so, does anybody from Germany know where to get 


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