Re: Re[2]: Lee Oskar Natural Minor harps

After wearing out the grooves on both Norton Buffalo LP's by 1980, I have 
not listened to them in many years. I promise to do more homework regarding 
these matters before posting.
There is an Orchestra harp on LITVOTM and Pat you are absolutely correct!
I need to buy the 2 CD reissue!
Apologies and thanks to all my list fiends.

Michael Peloquin

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>Subject: Re: Re[2]: Lee Oskar Natural Minor harps
>Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 23:25:54 -0500
>Michael Peloquin wrote:
> >The Hohner Orchestra I was a HARMONIC MINOR.
> >Blow chord was C minor
> >Draw chord was G7b9
> >
> >Check out Norton Buffalo's "High Tide in Wingo" from his 1st Columbia 
> >Lovin in the Valley of the Moon. Great use of this harp tuning
>Ermm, I think you may be a little confused here.
>"High Tide in Wingo" used an A harp and, if memory serves me right,
>the solo was double tracked with a high A harp. It was from his second
>LP, "Desert Horizon"
>The track with the harmonic minor harp was "Hangin' Tree", which was
>on his first LP.
>They were both track one, side two of their respective albums, though.
>  -- Pat.
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