Re: Sad news: Passing of Dr. Henry T. Bahnson, Harmonica Innovator

>Dear Friends,
>It is my sad duty to report that Dr. Henry T. Bahnson, age 82, passed in his
>sleep on Friday, January 10th. For those of you who did not have the
>pleasure to know the good doctor, I'm sure you will find many in our
>community who will say good things about him. Besides being one of the top
>12 surgeons of the 20th century, Dr. Bahnson was also a huge harmonica
>enthusiast. His casual interest in the harp turned into a passion after
>attending a workshop held by Howard Levy ca 1990, and resulted in a patented
>harmonica known as the "Bahnson Overblow."
>Volumes can be written about Dr. Bahnson's accomplishments, both in the
>medical field and harmonica community. He was a gentleman's gentleman. And
>will be sorely missed.

   Dr Hank lived on Dorseyville Rd. (Fox Chapel/Pgh) Pa. and as well as
being a reknowned surgeon, was working (along with several constituents
from Presbeterian Hospt.) Dr. Paul Kost (a noted psychiatrist, comes to
on the psysiology of the interaction between the BREATHING, NERVOUS SYSTEM,
the human being.

  My hope is that others will carry on his work, as I am sure it is still
incomplete. He had planned on publishing a major paper on this subject, I
don't know if it ever happened. I had the gift of meeting & talking with
him at a Children's Hospital benefit, an endeavor he was very active in.
RIP Hank.


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