Re: Re[2]: Lee Oskar Natural Minor harps

Michael Peloquin wrote:

>The Hohner Orchestra I was a HARMONIC MINOR.
>Blow chord was C minor
>Draw chord was G7b9
>Check out Norton Buffalo's "High Tide in Wingo" from his 1st Columbia album, 
>Lovin in the Valley of the Moon. Great use of this harp tuning 

Ermm, I think you may be a little confused here.

"High Tide in Wingo" used an A harp and, if memory serves me right,
the solo was double tracked with a high A harp. It was from his second
LP, "Desert Horizon"

The track with the harmonic minor harp was "Hangin' Tree", which was
on his first LP.

They were both track one, side two of their respective albums, though.

 -- Pat.

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