Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

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> I believe the reason why Fender puts Celestions on the Custom shop Bassman 
> is because that is what the customers have demanded, and at the cost that 
> they are producing the custom shop amps they can adjust accordingly as 
> opposed to their mass produced reissue lines. 
> Why didn't Fender go back to the original P10R's themselves? Well thats a 
> question you need to ask them. 
> Andrew 
> Andrew,
> I don't know about customer demand driving what speakers Fender uses in 
> it's Custom Shop Andrew.  Usually that decision comes from the Engineering 
> Department based on their knowledge of the application and corporate goals. 
>  If a customer is willing to pay for nonstandard deviations, I am sure 
> Fender will accommodate them in the Custom Shop for a "Nominal Fee".  
> However, sometimes Fender makes excellent decisions.  Sometimes they don't. 
>  Did they with the Celestions?  I've never used these before and I take 
> your word the Jensen P10R reissues are trash.  Thus the interest in the 
> Fender decision for the Custom Shop '59.  The original '59 was made for 
> bass, but it worked out that it was great for harp, so maybe their quest 
> for bass tone in these speakers work good in existing similar amps with 10" 
> speakers.  Just a theoretical question.
> Best regards,

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