Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

I may be missing something, if so ignore me, but isn't the custom shop amp a 
2x12? Aren't Celestion Vintage 30's (actually now rated @ 60W) 12" speakers?

Having heard several 4x10 Fenders, vintage and otherwise, fitted with 
Kendrick 10"s, original P10Q's, Eminence AlNiCo's and re-issue P10R's lately 
I would say that all have their merits. 4x original P10's are going to cost 
you major bucks ($700 min, if you are very lucky) plus reconing. Of what's 
left, the re-issue P10R's have more of that musical, chimey, brassy tone that 
you hear on old recordings but ultimately, maybe not as "big" sounding as the 
others. The Kendricks (ceramic) are smoother with better bass response and 
the warmth of old Jensens but they don't sound like AlNiCos. The Eminence 
also have good bass response and are perhaps a little fuller sounding than 
the re-issue Jensens but drier, crunchier (some might say fatter, some might 
say harsher?). If I had a Bassman with the Eminence fitted I would be 
reluctant to change them without A/Bing them against the other options and 
being very sure of the sound I wanted.

I'm not sure that I'm personally a big fan of the slightly mechanical sound 
associated with new Jensen P's/AlNiCos. I would certainly be tempted to maybe 
mix 2 of one and 2 of another to try and get the best of both worlds.

This is rather subjective territory and I've heard all of the above sound 

Regards, Mark.

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