High Notes


Many thanks for your reply and advice about my problem with the high notes
on the CX-12. Have not had a chance to really work and experiment, and have
not the courage, yet, to do something with the reed gaps. But that is on the
agenda. I hd some difficulty with the high end of the 270 when I started out
but seem to have overcome that reasonably well. The bigger mouthpiece on the
CX-12 certainly feels very different and I'm sure that there are some
unconscious changes in my embrochure and shaping of the oral cavity when
trying to produce those notes. Sometimes the notes come with little effort.
The problem is producing them consistently, quickly and without
instinctively tightening or straining everything. Probably fear of failure
that causes the tension before'jumping the hurdle'.

I'm working on it though and am very grateful for your interest, help and
Thanks again Rupert. Also thanks to Vern, Dave and Tinus.
Best wishes
John Ringwood

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