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> Bob, 
> I'm not so sure this answers the question in my mind.  If your real '59 
> Bassman has Jensen P10R speakers and that is what the Victoria has and 
> Fender puts the Celestion Vintage 30 in the custom shop '59 Bassman, why is 
> that people are saying the Jensen P10R reissues are some of the worst 
> speakers on the market and why is it that Fender is putting the Celestion 
> Vintage 30 in the custom '59?  Again, the real question is not duplication 
> of equipment, but tone.  Who has the closest duplication of tone that you 
> can get from a speaker: Fender or Victoria?  Why didn't Fender go back to 
> the original speaker (P10R) themselves?  They kept to the other 
> specifications of the amp. 
> Best regards, 
> Boogie 

Why is it that people are saying that the Jensen P10R's are some of the worst 
speakers on the market? I believe its obvious- They sound like crap! The 
reissue P10R's deliver none of the original feel or sound of the old Alnicos, 
they are simply much like the Reissue Bassman by Fender, a bad reissue of 
good product. Fender has shown that they are able to reissue an amp properly 
(the reissue Fender Deluxe Reverb), but unfortunately they have chosen not to 
with the Bassman.

 I believe in the case of the Jensens (and the Bassman as well) that the 
manufacturer is cutting cost and quality in order to make the speaker 
cheaper. The ironic thing is that the Jensen C10Q is probably the best 10" 
speaker on the market, and it comes at half the price as the Jensen alnico. 

I believe the reason why Fender puts Celestions on the Custom shop Bassman is 
because that is what the customers have demanded, and at the cost that they 
are producing the custom shop amps they can adjust accordingly as opposed to 
their mass produced reissue lines. 
Why didn't Fender go back to the original P10R's themselves? Well thats a 
question you need to ask them. 


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