Harpers, I would like to extend a personal invitation to all members of this
list to send me your FESTIVAL and PUBLIC EVENTS information for free
publication at www.fiddlers.org.

Although we are a "fiddlers" organization, we orient our website to the
entire acoustic music community.

www.fiddlers.org is the website of the Northern NY-based Association of
North Country Fiddlers, Inc. (ANCF).  We are a NY chartered non-profit
organization with all-volunteer staff.  We have approximately 125 members,
and are affiliated with the New York State Old-Tyme Fiddlers Assn.  ANCF /
NYSOTFA Membership is open to all interested parties.  See the website for

We will list your event free at up to two years in advance at
www.fiddlers.org/events.html.  If you send something for inclusion, please
be sure to include a contact name and phone number, email, and website if
possible.  Take a look at the page to see the usual format.

We also maintain a MUSICAL CLASSIFIED ADS page at
www.fiddlers.org/forsale.htm.  You are welcome to submit ads for inclusion
there, also for free. Check it out.

Please check out the extensive LINKS at www.fiddlers.org/links.html.  Get
your site included there if you wish, again - free.  We would appreciate a
reciprocal listing on your website.

I enjoy this list and the many interesting discussions.  I play chrom
reasonably well, and I appreciate everyone's efforts to keep harp music
alive!   Thanks for checking out www.fiddlers.org.  Your suggestions are

By the way, are there any other list members in or near Northern NY?  Please
let me know.

Doin' my part,
John Wolfe
President, ANCF
Webmaster, www.fiddlers.org
Norfolk, NY

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