Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

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> Bob, 
> I'm not so sure this answers the question in my mind.  If your real '59 
> Bassman has Jensen P10R speakers and that is what the Victoria has and 
> Fender puts the Celestion Vintage 30 in the custom shop '59 Bassman, why is 
> that people are saying the Jensen P10R reissues are some of the worst 
> speakers on the market and why is it that Fender is putting the Celestion 
> Vintage 30 in the custom '59?  Again, the real question is not duplication 
> of equipment, but tone.  Who has the closest duplication of tone that you 
> can get from a speaker: Fender or Victoria?  Why didn't Fender go back to 
> the original speaker (P10R) themselves?  They kept to the other 
> specifications of the amp. 
> Best regards, 
> Boogie 

     To add my opinion on this subject,I think Fender wasn't trying to copy 
the original 59 bassman,but to build a quality BASS amp that resembles the 
59.I don't think Fender had harp in mind when designing this amp.It may be a 
great harp amp,who knows?It wouldn't surprise me if it was.I'd like to see 
this same amp with the 4 -10 configuration,now that would grab the attention 
of harp players!...Dave

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