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   As others have stated, it sounds like you are talking about the
Danelectro Commando amplifier.  It had eight speakers, although there may
have been another Dano amp that had only six speakers.  The speakers were
eight inches across.  It didn't have a whole lot of wattage, although it
looked dang impressive.
   The cabinet was constructed like a clamshell, or suitcase.  It had hinges
on one side and latches on the other.  When it was closed you had speakers
facing to the front and back.  When you unbuckled the latches you could
swing it open and face all eight speakers forward.  You could also slide the
hinges apart and separate the two halves.  From what I have seen and heard,
it was only a two-piece amp, not three-piece.
   The amp halves were very narrow.  It would be easy to topple the thing
over if you bumped into it, particularly these days if all the old feet
aren't in place underneath it.  It also sucked up a lot of stage space once
opened up.
   The amp controls and head were located in one half of the amp.  The
controls could only be accessed if the cabinet were opened up.  The controls
faced towards the rear, meaning you had to adjust them "blind," because you
had to crane your neck over to the backside to see what it was you were
   The amp had two inputs with separate controls for each input.  It also
had tremolo.  The controls opposed each other, and were arranged in a mirror
configuration, so the volume pot was at the outside edge, then treble
towards the middle, etc.
   I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has used one of these as a
regular gig amp.  They look like they'd be a handful to work use in a live


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Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 09:56:16 EST
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Subject: danelectro amp

in search of old danelectro amp that had either six or eight, eight inch
speakers. it came apart in three sections. does anybody know of it or where
i can find one. 

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