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> I'm sitting here listening to William Howse and Jack Pearson and wondering
> if I'm the only person who never heard these guys before.  I bought this CD
> on the "if you like this, you'll love that" recommendation from CD Baby.
> This 1999 CD features William Howse on harp and Jack Pearson on National
> steel guitar.  12 tunes, all originals.  Howse/Pearson are an acoustic blues
> duo worth listening to.  Howse plays everything from
> chaka-chuka-chuka-chaka-cha-cha rhythms to blow bend solos that will turn
> your head.  Lotsa inventive stuff.  Pearson is every harp players dream
> guitarist.  The quintesstial accompaniest.  He gets a couple of songs to
> shine on.  His vocals are more than competent and his slide is straight out
> of the delta.  I'd highly recommend this CD if your thinking about delta
> acoustic harp.
> Does anyone else know about these guys?  Where are they based?  Has anyone
> seen them perform?
> Best regards to All,
> Larry Boy Pratt
        Larry,I don't know about Howse,but Jack Pearson I believe is from 
Jacksonville,Florida,although I'm not sure about that.He played with the 
Allman Brothers Band a few years ago when they were having trouble with 
Dickey Betts.He also took over on guitar for the Brothers when Warren Haynes 
left the band for a solo carreer.He was then replaced by a very talented and 
young slide player by the name of Derek Trucks.I think Pearson may have been 
doing his own thing and only filled in for a short while.I believe he also 
played with Greg Allman when he did his Greg Allman & friends tours.He's a 
talented slide player.I haven't heard any of his solo stuff but it sounds 
like good stuff from your review.Thats about all I know about 

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