William Howse

I'm sitting here listening to William Howse and Jack Pearson and wondering
if I'm the only person who never heard these guys before.  I bought this CD
on the "if you like this, you'll love that" recommendation from CD Baby.
This 1999 CD features William Howse on harp and Jack Pearson on National
steel guitar.  12 tunes, all originals.  Howse/Pearson are an acoustic blues
duo worth listening to.  Howse plays everything from
chaka-chuka-chuka-chaka-cha-cha rhythms to blow bend solos that will turn
your head.  Lotsa inventive stuff.  Pearson is every harp players dream
guitarist.  The quintesstial accompaniest.  He gets a couple of songs to
shine on.  His vocals are more than competent and his slide is straight out
of the delta.  I'd highly recommend this CD if your thinking about delta
acoustic harp.

Does anyone else know about these guys?  Where are they based?  Has anyone
seen them perform?

Best regards to All,

Larry Boy Pratt

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