Non-Essential harmonica books

This is not really an ESSENTIAL harmonica book.  In fact it's hardly a 
harmonica book at all, but it was written by a harmonica player.  It has more 
to do with 60s counterculture, but the main character had a fascination or 
obsession with his Marine Band in the key of F.  I think the author, who was 
a musician, played harmonica and dulcimer, and also wrote some great songs, 
spent some time hanging out with Paul Butterfield too.
    The book, a novel, is "Been Down So Long, Looks Like Up To Me" by Richard 

Speaking of novels involving harmonica players.  I've been trying to remember 
the title of a book that Howard Levy mentioned at the Global Harmonica 
Summit.  The author's name was Andy something.  Howard thought it was the 
best book he'd read in terms of dealing with the life of a musician.  I 
believe it's a novel, maybe a mystery.  Do any of you know this book?

I really enjoyed "Me And My Big Mouth" by Larry Adler.  I'd bet his other 
books are good too.
Walter Lay

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