Re: Paul Delay, James Cotton, Mark Hummel, James Harmon

Thanks for the review Mark.  I will be seeing this show on wed. this week.  Paul deLay has the best hand techniques I have seen in a long time.  He get so many different tone colors while he is playing out of a bullet.  He also happens to be one of the most soulful cats on the planet.  

The show I will be seeing will have Huey Lewis on the bill. I will let the list know how the show went.  
Roger Gonzales

> Everyone put on a good show.  The stand outs to me were Paul Delay 
> and James
> Cotton.  Paul played with the crowd, cracked some good jokes, and 
> had a big
> smile on his face all night.  He played some very unusual creative 
> stuff on
> the chrom and diatonic and really let it rip a few times. He 
> definitely had
> a captive audience.  He did something I had not seen much before.  
> He'drelax the cup on his bullet which would let some of the higher 
> frequenciesthrough and his harp would really scream, loud enough 
> to compete with the
> guitars. At one point he went from a tight cup, to a loose cup, to 
> no cup
> with his harp directly in front of his vocal mic, then right back 
> to a tight
> cup all in about 20 seconds. Spine tingiling stuff. He's still 
> playing Big
> Rivers.

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