Re: Natural / Harmonic Minor / Hohner Orchester

Hi Ron and Michael,

Ron/datadigr wrote:

> >From an old email from John Thaden:
> > The ones I had here in the US in the 70's-80's were not numbered as you
> > describe.  The I was standard Richter tuned (major), the II was minor
> > (moll).  Both were single reed, not octaves.  I never saw the ovtave or
> > double-octave versions.

Michael Peloquin wrote:

> MP> The Hohner Orchestra I was a HARMONIC MINOR.

The Hohner Orchester I (diatonic) was available in all 12 major keys AND
in all 12 harmonic minor keys.

John Thaden's mail like quoted above was in reply to a mail that I did
send to harp-l in March 2000. Obviously the Orchesters sold in the US
were numbered different than in Germany. Here the Orchester II was
octave tuned and there were also an Orchester III that was double octave
tuned, both available in 7 major keys (C,D,E,F,G,A,Bb), but not in any
minor key. 
I have some of each kind.

See the recent thread about "handmade" vs. "classic" and you know that
it seems to be not unusual that Hohner likes to confuse with different
names for different countries.


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