Re: Band in a waistcoat pocket can still order copies of A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket:
The Story of the Harmonica in Australia by Ray Grieve
List Price:   $19.95
Availability: This title usually ships within 8 to 9 weeks. Please
note that special order titles occasionally go out of print, or
publishers run out of stock. These hard-to-find titles are not
discounted and are subject to an additional charge of $1.99 per book
due to the extra cost of ordering them. We will notify you within
2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title

Edition: Hardcover

The Double CD is out of stock, see below:
2.   A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket: The Story of the Harmonica in
Australia [IMPORT]
~ Various Artists (Audio CD)
Original Release Date: October 1995
 Out of stock
 Used & new from $24.15

You can also write to the publisher:
P.O. Box 452
Paddington, NSW 2021

I do have the original 4 cassettes in original box, it's still new
as I play the CD's.
Offers welcome!


Here's a nivc book on the histoiry of the harmonica in Australia.
It called
"A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket."  Author is Ray Grieve.  It's hard to
but worth the effort IMO.  The ISBN is 0-86819-447-6.  I have a
couple of
other books written in German.  I'm sure any of these are
"essential" but
they do provide enjoyable reading.  Good pics too.

Best regards to all,

Larry Boy Pratt

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