Daily Almanac - January 12

British Blues / Rock singer and harmonica player Long John Baldry was born
on this day in 1941.  Baldry took over the remnants of Cyril Davies R&B
All-Stars in 1964 and over the years helped to launch the careers of Brian
Auger, Rod Stewart and Elton John.
For more about the life, career and recordings of Long John Baldry, please

Birthday Greetings go out to list member Rick Beall, who was born on this
day in 1956.  Rick is the webmaster of www.bluesharp.org and has been
playing the harmonica since high school.  Happy Birthday Rick!!!!!

Country singer, keyboard and harmonica player Stephen "Tebes" Douglass died
on this day in 1984.  Douglass was one of the founders of the group McGuffey
Lane, a band that was one of the pioneers of Country/Rock.
For more about the life, career and recordings of Stephen Tebes Douglass,
please visit:

That's all I have for today.  have fun and practice.

Peter Krampert, author
The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

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