Re: List of Essential harmonica books (not tutorial)

That's quite a collection you have, Art.
Do you know which ones are still in print?
BTW there is a Spanish book on the history of ...Spanish harp.
"Libro de Oro" or something like that - I came across it a few months ago on 
some Spanish Harp-L like list.

>Band in waistcoat pocket (Australian Harmonica History + 2 CD's)
>It ain't necessarly so (Larry Adler)
>Me and my big mouth (Larry Adler)
>Jokes and how to tell them (Larry Adler)
>Have I ever told you... (Larry Adler)
>Made in Germany...Played in the USA 'Bilingual' (Martin Haeffner-
>Christoph Wagner)
>Backstage Harmonica (Lou Delin)
>Harmonicas (German by Martin Haeffner)
>Goon with the Wind (Max Geldray)
>Die Mundharmonika (German by Cristoph Wagner)
>Art M. Daane
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