Re: Re: Crystal Mic Element For Sell/Trade!

I have been waiting for a year now on a Harp Commander, but everytime I get
the money... something happens. I have a wife and a child, as soon as I can
afford to get one, I will order one. Maybe I should talk to Ron about a
lay-a-way plan, lol.

PS: As soon as I start giging w/ the HC 100% I will write a review on my
site and post it here!

PS2: And YES the Harp Commander is as much as most harp players need!

Vince Cheney

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> Vince wrote:
> "I have borrowed the Harp Commander and plan on losing the tube amp!"
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> Vince, Vince, Vince. Come on, man! You can't just drop that line in
> ;-) How 'bout some more-in-depth thoughts on the Harp Commander? That
> I can't wait 'till mine arrives.
> MN
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