Re: Who is correct? Bassman speakers

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Lsboogie44@xxxxxxx writes:

> Okay, you get Celestion Vintage 30 speakers on a '59 Fender Custom shop 
> Bassman and Jensen P10R on the Victoria '59 Fender Bassman remake.  What is 
> the closest thing to the original Bassman speaker in terms of tone? 
> Boogie 
> I don't really know for sure but I've heard that the blue alnico Eminence 
speakers that they used to put in the RI's were pretty close to the original 
Jensen's.I've heard some say the new Jensen P10R reissues are not all that 
great but again,I don't know this to be true.Just one man's opinion.I'd like 
to hear the comments that will soon be sent on the issue myself........Dave

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