Re[4]: Lee Oskar Natural Minor harps

Hello Michael,

>From an old email from John Thaden:

> The ones I had here in the US in the 70's-80's were not numbered as you
> describe.  The I was standard Richter tuned (major), the II was minor
> (moll).  Both were single reed, not octaves.  I never saw the ovtave or
> double-octave versions.

and sometime around then...

>From: John Thaden <jjthaden@xxxxxxxxx>
>Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 08:35:45 -0600
>Subject: Re: strange harp?

>There was also the Orchester II, same as the Orchester but
>tuned minor. It was the first commercial minor-tuned diatonic
>that I am aware of.

We sure might be, but are we talking about the same harp? I know I
used to use mine for Summertime and playesd it in much the same way
I'd approach a Lee Oskar Natural.

Then again--it was late 60's or early 70's so my memeory might just
be affected by something I ate around then :-)


Saturday, January 11, 2003, 9:54:59 PM, you wrote:


MP> The Hohner Orchestra I was a HARMONIC MINOR.
MP> Blow chord was C minor
MP> Draw chord was G7b9

MP> Check out Norton Buffalo's "High Tide in Wingo" from his 1st Columbia album, 
MP> Lovin in the Valley of the Moon. Great use of this harp tuning.

and I'll look for the album--for sure.

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