Re: Sticky chromatic slide

Thanks for the tips all, the water seems to work amazingly well...still may 
have to get some of that Aeroglide ...

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>Hi there Hambone,
>Saliva and gunk settle there.
>If you hold the chromatic with the mouthpiece holes down angled slightly 
>the button end higher, dribble a bit of water in behind the slide button 
>work it.  Just a little, don't drown it.    When the slide is free, tap out 
>excess water and play draw chords only while pressing the button to draw 
>out any
>remaining water.
>Also Jens Bunge suggests that when you finish playing, just now and again 
>the button a push over the next hour or so, this will help keep the slide 
>for next time.
>Usually I just use a little water.  I do this with my wood comb chromatics, 
>I'm careful to be very conservative with the water and do my best to avoid 
>if any getting into the comb ... thats asking for trouble.
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>Subject: Sticky chromatic slide
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> > I have a Hohner 280/64 and have noticed lately that whenever I first 
>pull it
> > out of the case, the slide tends to stick a bit.  It loosens up fast, 
> > stays limber while I play it, until the next time I whoop it out.  What 
> > recommended to lube it with?  I thought of Vaseline but was afraid it 
> > gunk up over time. Thanks
> > Hambone
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