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On the perfect pitch list mailto:perfect_pitch-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (a
group open to anyone wanting to discuss perfect pitch), we refer to these as
"born with" and "acquired" perfect pitch.  There is nothing official about
this - not even the absolute meanings (sometimes we debate whether one is
actually "born with" it - but it sure seems like it) - it's just a
convenient term for our little group.

There is a lot of information on this list and in the archives.

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> Ted van Beek wrote:
> Can you develop "perfect pitch"? I don't know. There
> have been some threads on Harp-L in the past that
> suggest this is possible.
> According to my music teacher, a person with perfect pitch was born with
> it. A person who is taught or has developed perfect pitch. is classified
> differently, by a term that has escaped me for the moment. Incomplete
> information I know. Perhaps someone else can fill the blank...Keith
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