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> IronMan Mike Curtis schrieb:
> > A $15 Marine Band lasts me usually a night or two.  A $20 Lee Oskar
lasts me
> > around a month or two.  Charlie Musselwhite said that Oskars last him 10
> > times longer, so I'm not the only one.
> What is puzzling me: how can someone damage a harmonica in one night, or
> in two, even in a month? (just by playing, not by stamping on it).

I haven't played MBs in years, but when I played 'em back in the 1960's (yes
those MBs everyone says are better than current production models), I was
playing 8 hours plus a day, acoustically in a rack, with electric guitar and
generally no vocals.  I was playing as loud as I could.  I also (at the
time) lived on the high reeds (jazz).  My most common failure was 8 draw
(from the 8 blow bend).  I used just one harp (C), and was playing all
harmonica instrumentals.  So it was actually 8 hours of *pure* harp.

> After nearly 20 years of playing I know that I didn't ruin more harps in
> total than I have fingers on my hands.

Most harpers are not nearly as hard on their harps as I was.  Even I
(currently) am not as hard.

Whebn I switched to LOs, I noticed a HUGE increase in harp life.  I thought
it was a fluke.  But they all last - and last - and last.

BTW some LIVE tunes by The IronMan Curtis Band:
(and - hint hint - we're looking to tour)

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