Re: TECH: harp-l-friends setup

Hi Ken,

G. set us up another archive at Yahoogroups sometime back in December
2001 when we exceeded our quota at the original Yahoogroups account.
The new address is:  It has
everything from December 15, 2001 to date and they are searchable.
Complete archives for Years 1993 through 2001 can be found at:  These are not
searchable at this moment.

The Yahoogroups account is the only archive we have that is current.
We have not yet had the opportunity to set one up at
We're working on it.  In addition we are working on getting all the
old archives under one roof at and adding a proper search
engine.  Many thanks go out to G. who set up these archives for us!

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> <<I have set up the harp-l-friends mailing list to allow users
> to send messages to harp-l while not being subscribed to
> either harp-l or harp-l-digest.   This mechanism is useful for
> those who read the list via some other mechanims (eg. web
> interfaces such as yahoo) than what they use for posting.
> >>
> Is there a web interface that currently works with Harp-L ?
> The Yahoo Group for Harp-L only shows old messages up to 11-6-2001,
> and there is a message that says:
> Warning! Your group has exceeded its message storage limits of 64 MB
> 130.5 MB.
> Thanks for keeping Harp-L running !
> Ken Hildebrand
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