RE: Jerry Portnoy

ShMclendon@xxxxxxx wrote:
does anyone know what years cut's Ect that Jerry played on with Muddy Waters
or anyother sideman work he did

According to the discography in Sandra Tooze's bio, Jerry first 
recorded with Muddy in '74 on an album called "No Minstrels" (Blue 
Knight CD 23.) He also played on one cut ("Unk In Funk") on the Chess 
LP of the same name (60031) in '74.  Later that same year he played 
on the French "Live in Antibes" album.

In '75, Muddy recorded only with Butterfield on harp, and in '76 he 
mostly used Cotton (although Jerry did appear on some 'live in 
Europe' LPs that year.)

For the last 5 years of his recording career ('77 thru '81,) Muddy 
alternated between recording with Jerry Portnoy, Walter Horton, James 
Cotton, and George Buford.  Some of the CDs featuring Jerry include:
"Muddy 'Mississippi' Waters Live" (Blue Sky 35712;)
"Muddy Waters" (LRC 9015;)
some cassette-only French releases;
"I'm Ready" (Blue Sky 34928;)
"Muddy Waters - Chicago 1979" (Charly 1257;)
"King Bee" (Blue Sky 37064.)

cheers y'all,

Tom Ball with a Guinness in hand.

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