Fwd: Re[2]: Out of the box

For my money, right out of the box...

Most of the time, I go for Lee Oskars. They're readily available but
(here's the big thing for me) they are also quite uniformly playable
across the entire range of keys, majors, minors, high, low... even
when I use reedplates and re-assemble. And they last and last.

I like Special 20's (my second choice if I'm stuck) for the same
uniformity reason--but I don't like the temperament quite as much. And
they last.

Having said that, I have two Promasters that I am _very_ impressed
with...and I'd love to try some...Bluesmasters, is it? I _hope_ they
last :-)

I play at least twice a week, usually 4 times, and I use up to 10
keys a night, usually A (lots), Bb (some), C (lots), D (lots),
igh & low F (about middle), G (more than I ever woulda
expected--high and low), A or E Natural Minor (about 4 times
a night) and C and G Melody Makers (usually twice each a night).
Sometimes E, Eb, or E natural minor.


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