Re: Crystal Mic Element For Sell/Trade!

> Just curious, Vince: What are you playing now instead of crystals? Why the
> switch?
> MN

I play two set-ups in a one nights time. I play straight into the PA w/ an
old Shure 565 (pistol grip) and I then play into my old tube amp w/ the 565
and an old Shure bullet style mic made by Harmonica John Frazer (thanks for
the steal John). I have borrowed the Harp Commander and plan on loosing the
tube amp! I will then be playing 100% w/ the light bulletstyle mic. The
bullet style mic has the old controlled magnetic element and it. I still
have my old Shure 520 w/ the 1/4" barrel jack and on/off switch and it has
the crystal element in it, but I am now sold on the light weight of the HJ
Bullet (HJ= Bullet) and the element inside so I will eventually turn my
weight loving bullet over to a friend!

Vince Cheney

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