Re: Blues in 2003

   Blues in the philly area seems to be on the down side.
Many clubs have either stopped having music  or have gone out of
    To just keep playing we have to take gigs as a trio (no drums).
    I was wondering  what's happening in the rest of the scene.

Emile "Diggs" D'Amico

Iceman6300@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Public interest in the blues seems to ebb and flow like the tide.
> There was a comment on the transcription of Vince's Blues Chat that
> the blues scene sucks lately.
> The following is a quote from the International Association of Jazz
> Education Convention Program, being held now in Toronto thru the end
> of this week.
> "2003 will be the Year of the Blues, highlighted by the Fall 2003 PBS
> broadcast of a series of films on the blues which is organized by
> Martin Scorsese and coupled with a major blues exhibit at Experience
> Music Project in Seattle."
> A push on public broadcasting with the Scorsese name behind it may
> kick start another resurgence of interest, leading to more gig
> possibilities.
> The Iceman

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