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I just thought I'd confirm what Bob already said. Brown-base, Tung-Sol =
5881's are the original tubes from '59 Fender amps. You have gold there, =
my friend.

About half a year ago, I happened to luck into an original '59 Fender =
Superamp. A good buddy of mine, Dan, who takes bass lessons from me got =
it from an older fellow at his work who was gonna throw it away. It was  =
completely original except for the handle. It even had the original =
tubes and the original canvas cover. The tweed is in near perfect =
condition. It's a 2 x 10" amp which is otherwise very much like a =
bassman (minus the middle control). I had an amp tech go over it, =
replace the filter-caps, and power tubes (all the original pre amp tubes =
were fine) and add a grounded power cord. I saved all the original parts =
in case Dan ever falls on hard times and needs to sell it. I just =
checked the parts bag and confirmed - brown-base, Tung-Sol 5881's.=20

It's the best sounding harp amp I've ever played through. The amp tech =
called it his "dessert island" amp - you know, if you could only play =
through one amp for the rest of your life.

Needless to say, Dan gets free bass lessons for life. :-)

Yeah, I know, for those of you who know me, you now know that I've =
lucked into two awesome, free amps in the last two years. I figure it =
all evens out, though. You should see my vehicles. :-(  Plus, I figured =
that I had to "pay it forward", so I recently gave an amp I bought =
several years ago (an original '63 blonde bassman piggyback) to a guitar =
player friend of mine who had huge medical bills after surviving =
testicular cancer. I told him to sell it to help pay the bills, but he =
decided to keep it and sell his other amps.=20

More harp content - we had a great gig at Billy's last night. The place =
was packed. Lot's of harp players in the house - James Reeser, Tomas =
Esparza (winner of the harp contest at Bean Blossom), Randy Marsh, Bob =
Overholt. We did some jammin' and just had a blast. We've already been =
asked back, so I'm one happy harper this morning.=20

Take good care.

Alec Drachman

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