Hi all,
	I can very strongly reccomend the Augusta Heritage Festival 
Blues Week. I've
	attended as a student 3 times (I'm still just a beginner!!!) 
and as a gues for
	a couple of years as well (it helps that I've got friends 
that live in town , walking
	distance from the College *smile*).

	I've had a wonderful wonderful time there, and yes, it's an 
intense nearly 24 hours
	a day experience. My only "complaint" was that the 
Novice/Beginners are all lumped
	into one class and ot much was done to differentiate folks 
that never saw a harp before
	and those that hand minimal experience.

	However, they had promised to pay attention to this and fix 
the problem this past
	Summer. i was supposed to go, but due to my wifes illness I 
had to cancel. i hope
	to make it next Summer though.

	Once again, it's a wonderful wonerful experience!

- -- 

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement,
  achievement and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin


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