Re: Harmonica and music stores (Japan)

Regarding the Harmonica and music stores, I agree with Michael, it's so
great to have a guy like Kevin at "The Guitar Center" Why?

    Well for one he can "Demo" how a Blues Harp is suppose to sound, then he
can answer any questions with authority and professionalism, this alone will
help raise the  awareness for buyers in the music world.....

    It would be great to have more harp players do this and they could
really get the managers of these stores to
turn the Harmonica Dept in something more than an accessory like Sax Reeds
or Gutar Pick!!

       I'm writing today from Nagoya, Japan....I visited a music store today
and scouted out their harp dept. It was just like the US. A tiny accessory
corner with nobody to really help or answer any questions. (not even in

     I was happy to see the Shaker and The Madcat Shaker on display but I'll
bet no one demos these unless Madcat himself rolls into town or at a trade
show like Namm. Namm, is great but we need Harp players out there doing
promotional workshops right in the music stores like drummers and guitar
players have been doing for years.

    Really funny, because Winslow mentions, listen for harp in pop music, as
I was purchasing a  few strange looking, brands of harp here in Japan I
heard the theme from "Rockford Files" blasting thru the music store and I
smiled and grooved with Tommy Morgans funky solo,-))!!! Now I'm getting

    I will post on some of the cool items I picked up in  Nagoya in a few
days, now off to the Blue Note for our last show then onto Fukuoka, Osaka
and Tokyo.....
There are lots of Blue Note Clubs's a chain!

    If there's any Japan Harp-lers out there, now's the time to hear from
ya!!! (we're doing the Blue Notes in the aforementioned towns).....seems
like the 'net' is getting really big since the last time I was here, there
selling Yahoo Broadband on the streetcorners!

      Sayanora..........Rob Paparozzi-san,-))

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